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Trejo Voice Coaching Studio 

                      Breath is vocal performance

                Shaping the artist mind

                                               Body mindfulness Induction  



               The PreZence-Art  Philosophy/Construction and Mentoring of Artists

                                                                  “Singing is a state of meditation”

                                                                                                             -Mauricio Trejo    


Mauricio shares his passion for creating art with me. He helps me make every moment of singing alive, even the breath before singing. What I like most about his lessons is the Yin and Yang concept, which means everything in the natural world is interdependent and connected. The mechanics and mysticism of singing are how the earth works as well. With Mauricio, I found what artistic integrity means and it makes my singing harmonious and integrated”.

-Chungling Ji-Soprano, China,  Ständchen


Mauricio is a one of a kind opera and voice coach. He is a multi-facted artist who seamlessly combines several mastered disciplines into a beautifully integrated and sensitive approach to singing and performing. His own understanding of his large and impressive instrument, is key in helping others unfold and connect with their own voice. His approach is discriminatingly thoughtful and he tailors each coaching to the individual needs of each of his clients who are all at different points in their development. In addition to the superb work he does in guiding a singer to connect with their authentic voice, Mauricio is an excellent stage director, audio and visual engineer. He is of generous spirit, full of integrity and a terrific asset to a singer’s artistic team. I truly appreciate the work we have done together and whole heartedly recommend him.”

-Cynthia Elvira Ramos  U.S.A


I had the privilege of becoming Mr. Trejo’s student a few years ago at a vocal summer program in Italy, where he was part of the faculty. From the moment I met Mr. Trejo, my relationship with him has been beyond extraordinary.  He is a driven, passionate, resourceful and sensible teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students. His solid training in music pedagogical methods and opera singing technique, along with his great energy, enthusiasm, devotion and his sometimes intangible teaching approach, makes him an outstanding educator who empowers his students, the voice Techer that any student and school would love to have.”

-Piero Ballen, U.S.A.


Studying with Mauricio Trejo is sublime. He is charismatic and reliable, always thinking freely to explore new ideas that are creative and not limited to controlled by rules or tradition in order to help you. We have been working very hard since then developing an incredible rapport that is characterized by mutual respect. ”

-Enrico Soto, Peru


His teachings have positively impacted not only my career as a music student, by also my life.”

-Cristina Romo, Vienna, Austria